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<p>waterproof wood floor already walked into an innumberable families, make first selection of the illuminative that occupy the home. In the meantime, of the floor it is more and more important also to maintain, maintain correctly the method can prolong service life of waterproof wood wood floor, make cover of floor with the passing of time new. Want to notice the following only in daily use, can assure to be used of the floor normally. </p>
<p>waterproof wood floor maintains law of in the right way: </p>
<p>1. Monsoon notices to close good window please, lest wave rain. </p>
<p>2. Carry furniture ancon not to procrastinate please drag, it is advisable to be moved in order to carry. </p>
<p>3. The floor does not need to hit at ordinary times dried meat reach paint, do not undertake polishing with sand paper burnish. </p>
<p>4. The proposal places pedal loiter mat in doorway place, take grit in case, scathing floor. </p>
<p>5. Toilet and kitchen doorway are in, what should notice seeper is seasonable clear. </p>
<p>6. The besmirch of floor surface and oily be soiled undertake cleanness with domestic cleaner please, do not use many Shui Laiqing to wash a floor. </p>
<p>7. All and wooden floor can follow damp increase and decrease of the environment or temperature change change its moisture content, those who affect a floor is adjustable. Reason should resemble protecting the skin same, maintain the reasonable moisture content of the floor. </p> ""
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